Friday, 12/8 Saturday, 12/9 at 7pm

Location:  WGHS Cafeteria

This variety show is a celebration of the darker side of storytelling, filled with dance and music. Admission is free, but we encourage you to support our theater department by donating at the door.

Your generosity will help us continue to foster creativity and excellence in the arts at Willow Glen High School.

High School Drama Courses

Intermediate and Advanced Drama taught by Allyson Velasquez,

Middle School Theatre Productions

No current middle school theatre production

Parents interested in helping make this happen are encouraged to reach out to PAB via email or attend a general meeting.

Middle School Drama Course

Our drama elective is a one-semester class taught by Liz Stitt,

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Flute: “What is Thisby? a wandering knight?”
Quince: “It is the lady that Pyramus must love.”
Flute: “Nay, faith, let me not play a woman; I have a beard coming.”
–A Midsummer Night’s Dream