WGPAB Scholarships

Willow Glen Performing Arts Boosters Scholarships
and The Velda Garcia Jones Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships have been established by the Willow Glen Performing Arts Boosters for students who have participated in band, choir, theater or dance for two years or more and plan to attend a college, university, conservatory, or vocational school. We plan to award up to 10 scholarships to our very talented and deserving students.

If you have participated in the WGHS Performing Arts programs in any way in for at least two years, will be attending college in the fall and have a minimum of 2.0 GPA then you are eligible to apply.

Please stop by the College and Careers Center and pick up an application. No late applications will be accepted.

Velda Garcia Jones Memorial Scholarship – the criteria will be the same as for the others, but will have the additional focus of honoring a well-rounded student who has been involved in multiple disciplines in performing arts at Willow Glen and that also exhibits dedication, commitment and perseverance; all attributes that this amazing Willow Glen mom possessed and freely shared with our Willow Glen Performing Arts Boosters community for many years until her passing in June 2013.

Download Application:
WGPAB Scholarship Application 2019 [PDF]

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