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WGPAB presents our Fall Fundraiser, Boo Bundles!


Thanks everyone for your great support of our Fall Fundraiser. We are all sold out and have started our deliveries as of October 24th.  Watch for your bundles to be arriving soon!

Halloween may look different this year but we want all our Willow Glen families to be able to celebrate safely.  We are promoting the tradition of BOO!ng your friends, family and neighbors.  Decide who in Willow Glen you want to BOO, order online, and we will deliver an assortment of age-appropriate Halloween themed treats to their door for contact-less gift-giving.

We have three fun bundles to choose from; the Kids’ Bucket with classic treats and some simple crafts and activities; the Teen Bag (SOLD OUT!), great for our middle and high school students to BOO! each other; and the Fall Family Fun Bowl (SOLD OUT!) with cookie making supplies, all-ages apple cider, and of course some classic candies.  All bundles also include a mini pumpkin, local honey sticks, a personalized printed gift tag, and a QR code that links to recordings made by our very own WGHS students performing spooky stories in various levels of spookiness.

To see detailed bundle descriptions click on the links below.

Kids’ Boo Bucket

Teen Boo Bag SOLD OUT!

Fall Family Fun Bowl Sold-OUT!

Delivery Details Form

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To order, please follow the steps in the order listed here:

  1. Review bundle descriptions and decide who you will BOO!

Note that the Fall Family Fun Bowl and the Teen Bag are now SOLD OUT!  thanks to our generous supporters.

We can deliver to your address or theirs, at any street-accessible porch or doorstep in Willow Glen or within a 5-mile radius from WGHS / WGMS campus.  You can use an online mapping service to check the driving distance from 2001 Cottle Ave if you are unsure.

  1. Click on the PayPal link on the top of this page to place your first bundle in your cart. Select your bundle type for your first order.

Continue shopping or adjust the quantities in your cart to add all the bundles you wish to order.   Note you can pay with PayPal or credit card.

  1. Before you complete your order, make sure you have entered a delivery address in the Willow Glen area and note your purchaser name.

We will use your name and email address to connect your delivery details form to your payment.  If no delivery details are received we will deliver your orders with blank message tags to the street address in your PayPal order.

  1. After completing your PayPal or credit card transaction, return to this page and complete a delivery details form for EACH bundle that you have ordered.

We will ask for the payee name and email address on the PayPal order, the name and street address to which we should deliver each bundle, and the message we should print on your gift tag.

You can continue submitting forms one after another and then check your submissions to ensure we have all the correct details.

Delivery Details Form

Let others know about our fundraiser, share our flyer!


Thank you for supporting our Fall Fundraiser!

By placing an order you will be letting your recipients know you are thinking of them, spreading cheer around the community and helping WGPAB support our amazing student performers.  WGPAB supports music and theater programs at Willow Glen Middle and High Schools, through volunteer work and funds for instrument purchase and upkeep, performance space improvements, musical scores, scripts and performance rights, uniforms and costumes, festival fees, membership fees for teachers and students in professional organizations, and much more.  Our performing arts programs are a vital part of the student experience; providing social, emotional and academic benefits for all students who participate.


Help support our performing arts programs by making a donation!

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